Sisma LM-B 180 and 210 Laser Welders

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Special Order Item
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Sisma offers a range of laser welders engineered specifically for the repair and maintenance of molds. The range includes the best-selling SWA series for all mold sizes, the SWT series for medium and small molds, and the LM-B series for small molds. Sisma laser welders are used in premier mold & die shops around the world, carrying an excellent reputation for the highest precision and ease of use. All are made at Sisma’s headquarters in Italy, and are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Sisma’s High precision Nd:Yag laser Class 4 welding system the LM-B, is specifically designed for mold repairing. Featured characteristics are easiness of use, reduced maintenance and smooth axis. The LM-B uses a working motorized table with X-Y-Z axes complete with joystick. View work pieces easily with the 10X stereo microscope with optical protection.


  • Smart Spot technology: great depth of field and stable laser shot starting from the first pulses. For a repeatable welding process.
  • ECO mode that switches off unused system components during idle times, thus guaranteeing lower power consumption
  • USB and Ethernet conn: for easy download/upload of welding programs, software and firmware updates and remote control through smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Full digital control: accurate diagnostics, higher pulse stability and longer lamp life.
  • Quick setting of welding parameters by means of the multifunctional mouse

Two-year warranty including the flash lamp.

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    180 LM-B 210 LM-B
    Item Number: 830-1730 830-1735
    Source Type: Nd: YAG (flash lamp) Nd: YAG (flash lamp)
    Wavelength: 1064 nm 1064 nm
    Average laser power (max): 80 W 85 W
    Peak laser power (max): 9 kW 10.5 kW
    Laser pulse energy (max): 180 J (at 20 ms) 210 J (at 20 ms)
    Laser pulse duration: 0.3 ms - 20 ms 0.3 ms - 20 ms
    Spot diameter (with 800 um fiber): 0.2+2 mm (0.1 mm opt.) 0.2+2 mm (0.1 mm opt.)
    X-Y axes stroke: 150 x 150 mm 150 x 150 mm
    Z axis stroke: 175 mm 175 mm
    Axes speed: 0.1 - 15 mm/s 0.1 - 15 mm/s
    Incorporated cooling: Water-air cooling system Water-air cooling system
    SWT system power supply: 230V±10%, 1PH, 50/60 Hz 230V±10%, 1PH, 50/60 Hz
    Max mold size: 300 x 300 mm (12" x 12") 300 x 300 mm (12" x 12")
    Max Workpiece Weight: 25 kg (56 lbs) 25 kg (56 lbs)
    Dimensions w x d x h: 698 x 801 x 1465 mm (2-1/2' x 3' x 5') 698 x 801 x 1465 mm (2-1/2' x 3' x 5')
    Net/Shipping weight: 110 kg (243 lbs.) / 200 kg (441 lbs) 110 kg (243 lbs.) / 200 kg (441 lbs)
    Warranty: Two-year warranty including the flash lamp Two-year warranty including the flash lamp