SilverSmith™ Air-Acetylene Torch Kit with #00 Tip

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Delivers the ultimate in quality and flame control. Produces fast, concentrated flame with temperatures of 4800° F (2649° C). This soft, consistent flame is ideal for silversmithing and for melting small amounts of metal for casting. 

No oxygen tank involved. Special tip design gives the right mixture of atmospheric air and fuel gas. Tip features slip-in design and seat perfectly by hand. Easily rotated to any position while flame is lit. Durable solid brass torch body has trouble-free needle valve. Pre-set regulator gives correct pressure and volume of fuel gas. With super fine tip (#50 drill size) and 6' hose. The acetylene regulator has a CGA 520 fitting for the included empty acetylene "B" tank and torch lighter. Additional tips available in related products below. Leak Detector Fluid and soldering glasses are supplied for safety. The Leak Detector liquid will bubble to alert you for leaks.  UL listed. Made in USA. 


Kit Includes:

  • Acetylene B tank 40 cu. ft. (Empty 830-0760)
  • Smith Air Acetylene Torch Set (830-0732) -Torch, #00 (0.066") Tip, 12' Hose, Acetylene Regulator (CGA) and Torch Lighter.
  • Wrench, Multi-Use for Torch, Regulator and Tank (830-0790)
  • Leak Detector fluid, 8oz. (830-0757)
  • Soldering Glasses with #5 lens (816-1784)



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