Sparkle Wand Jewelry Cleaner

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The True “On The Go” Jewelry Cleaner!  Make your diamond rings and jewelry sparkle as if new! Makes a great add-on or gift with purchase. Quickly cleans and maintains the sparkle of diamonds and gems, plus restores the luster and polish to both fine and costume jewelry. Simply remove the silver cap with the crystal to expose the brush, twist the other end to release the solution onto brush. Rub the soft bristles on and around the stones to activate foam cleaner inside the wand/pen. Rinse off and dry with a dry cloth and once again your jewelry looks like new!   Each wand/pen contains 0.07 fluid Oz (2 ml) of cleaning liquid.  Make your diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires come to life and you can also restore the luster of gold, silver and platinum like magic!   Comes supplied as a complete Kit of one Retail Acrylic Stand with 12 Sparkle Wands and when you sell out, refill packs of 12 Sparkle Wands available.  Easy, convenient and cost effective!  Made in USA
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