Aquaflame Filling Kit

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The AquaFlame Filling Kit consists of various containers and accessories to aid in the initial filling of your AquaFlame Model 500/800/1200 machines. Use the (2) Measuring Beaker Provided (210-2425) to measure the amount of Electrolyte flakes and deionized water. Use the Poly Plastic Stirring Rod (210-2460) to help in dissolving the Electrolyte flakes. In addition a 250cc Graduated Cylinder (265-1905) is provided for the MEK. For optimal safety always wear Safety Goggles (270-0123) and Rubber Gloves (805-1042) when pouring or mixing any of the chemicals for the AquaFlame machines. Made in USA.

Set Includes:
  • (2) Measuring Beakers (210-2425)
  • (1) Poly Plastic Stirring Rod (210-2460)
  • (1) Graduated Cylinder 250ml (265-1905)
  • (1) Safety Goggles (270-0123)
  • (1) Box Rubber Gloves (805-1042)
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