Foredom® Polishing BL-1A Bench Lathe with Filter Hood

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Polishing Made Easy!   The Foredom Bench Lathe is the perfect size polisher for the crowded bench or in areas where space is a concern.  The high torque permanent magnet motor runs smoothly and is also very quiet running.  Made of a heavy-duty cast iron base with mounting holes and suction cup feet for a secure hold on any work surface.   Comes complete with Right and Left Tapered Spindles for holding buffs and wheels up to 4" in diameter.  CSA Certified. Made in USA.

The Filter Hood is a compact, powerful unit which collects particles from grinding and polishing. Offers strong suction for collecting both dust and precious metal. Features a variable-speed motor with voltage selector switch, removable watertight metal tray, LED gooseneck lamp and acrylic safety shield. Includes three replaceable filters (each measures 5 13⁄16" x 5 7⁄8" x 3⁄8" thick, 2  dust polyester and one charcoal). Replacement dust filters are available in a convenient 5 pack (850-0641). These filters remove coarse, large dust particles whereas the replacement charcoal filters, also available in a 5 pack (850-0643) are slated to remove small, fine intermediate particles.  Despite its small size, the filter hood offers strong suction power for removing particles of hazardous dust and reclaiming precious metal. Electrical: 110/220V. Measures 6"W x 123⁄4"D x 71⁄2"H. CE approved. Made in Taiwan.

Please note that the Filter Hood is NOT to be used as a fume hood or for removal of soldering fumes.

Features of the Hood:

  • Made of powder coated heavy gauge steel.
  • Has voltage selector switch for 110 or 220 operation.
  • Fan rating of 80 CFM.M
  • Measures 7-1/2" H, 6" W and 12-3/4" D (190 H x 153 W x 323mm D)
  • Cord is 67" (170cm) long.
  • Weighs 9 lbs. (4.1kg), ship weight is 10 lbs. (4.5kg).

Lathe and Filter Hood carry a 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

Specifications for the Polishing Motor
Polishing Motor: 1/6 HP, High Torque Motor
Speed Range: 500-7,000 rpm 
Electrical: 115V, 125 Watts (continuous rating) 1.8Amps, 60Hz
Motor shaft diameter: 5/16" (8mm)
Dimensions: 5 1/8"H,  Width, 13" between spindles
Net Weight: 7.5 lbs.  (3.4kg)
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