Cast Iron and Brass Triangular Laps

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These cast iron and brass triangular laps are used for flat polishing small and medium sized surfaces with diamond compounds, creating high surface finishes while maintaining a flat surface. Cast Iron laps are for harder/aggressive polishing, and Brass laps for softer/finer polishing.

An indentation must be created at the center of the lap to allow for placement of the Profiler Drive rod. Use a carbide ball (129-1060) in a rotary tool to create the indentation approximately 1/16” in depth. Then, use the lapping rod with angle (403-1060) to drive the lap with a profiler, such as the Power Hand Reciprocating Profiler Z-2X or Z-6X. Dimensions are 3/8”L x 3/8”W x 1/8”H. Made in USA. *Sold in Packages of 3.

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