Formlabs Form 2 Resins - Dental

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Special Order Item
Special Order Item
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Formlabs cover the following dental applications: educational and anatomical models; orthodontic models; removable die models; surgical guides; and splints, retainers, and other direct-printed orthodontic appliances.

Dental LT (262-0370)
  • A Class IIa biocompatible resin that is extremely accurate. The high fracture and wear resistance of Dental LT Clear make it ideal for splints, retainers, and other direct-printed orthodontic appliances.
  • With a clear color, it polishes to high optical transparency for beautiful final products 
  • Dental LT Clear is biocompatible.
Dental Model (262-0380)
  • Extremely high accuracy.
  • Shows surface details well.
  • For removable die models, solid check models, and orthodontic models
  • Designed for crown and bridge models with removable dies, Dental Model Resin is a high-precision, high-accuracy resin.
  • Print crisp margins and contacts within ± 35 microns, and removable dies with consistently tight fit.
  • A smooth, matte surface finish and color similar to gypsum make it easy to switch from analog to digital model production.
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