PUK® C440 w/SM03 Scope

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Item 830-1549, Was $3,750now $3,250

The PUK® C440 precision welding device is a compact and versatile TIG impulse welder where small and tedious welds can be carried out under a welding microscope.

Compact and versatile impulse welding device:

The operating principle and spectrum of possible applications are very close to those of laser welding. This similarity means that the exact positioning of small, stable spot-welds or welds in hard-to-get-to or deep lying positions poses no problem. In contrast to soldering, the area of the work piece that is affected by heat is very small when working with the PUK® C440. So small in fact, that problem free welds adjacent to precious stones or pearls can be handled with ease. Even the finest of welds are possible.

Utilizing our welding microscope, the problem free handling of pieces of work right down to 0.2 mm now becomes a reality. PUK® C440 welding’s functional principle is as simple as it is ingenious. When the tip of the electrode in the welding handpiece touches the workpiece, the welding process starts automatically. Precisely on this touch point, an arc is ignited in an inert atmosphere as a lifting magnet in the handpiece withdraws the electrode.  Any metal or alloy normally used for welding is suitable for the process.

Facts that speak for themselves:

Superior Welding Characteristics 

  • Consistently reproducible high-quality welding results with all materials suitable for welding
  • Precise positioning of the spot welds
  • Very low, controllable development of heat
  • Welding possible on even the thinnest of materials
  • Welding in protective atmosphere
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Low initial costs, excellent price/performance ratio
  • Precision handpiece for precision welding
  • Welding microscope for precise welding results
  • Makes repairs and soldering work faster and easier
  • Very low costs of consumer materials
  • Low argon consumption
  • Further practical system components available

The Complete PUK® C440 System Includes:

  • PUK® C440 Base Unit
  • SM03 Microscope
  • PUK® Precision handpiece
  • Alligator Clip
  • Argon Flow Regulator with Hose
  • Electrode Set + Grinding Wheel
  • Fiberglass Brush
  • 3 year warranty
  • WEB