Precious Metal Recovery System

  Because of the  dimensions of this item, shipping will be charged on dimensional weight of  91lbs. 
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Small, compact and very efficient under the sink precious metal recovery system with three installed filter bags at 100 microns (1 each, 856-1219) and 25 micron (2 each, 856-1220) respectively and a center settling chamber to maximize recovery and collection. See related products to order more filters. 

The 100 micron Nylon mesh bag (inlet port) and the 25 micron Polyester bags (outlet port) are easily replaceable and accessible and the screw-on cover is very secure to discourage tempering and theft.

The unit measures 18”X 24” X 13-3/8” with 1-1/2” threaded connections with one inlet port located on the top of the secured cover and one outlet port on the side panel for discharge and easy hook up to the drain system.

Shipping Weight: 28 lbs. Weight of unit approximately 18 lbs.  Dimensional Shipping Weight: 91 lbs. Made in the USA.
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