Aquaflame Service Kits

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Aquaflame Service Kits for Aquaflame Models 500, 800 and 1200

Aquaflame Systems need to be serviced every 4000 working hours (approximately 12 months). The 3 Service Kits for each model - 500, 800 and 1200, contain all the necessary components needed to self-service your unit. Instructions are supplied and need to be read before starting the service work. It is mandatory to use the gloves that are provided and protective eyewear at all times. The detailed instructions walk you through disassembling the unit where you will scrub, clean and rinse several internal areas. Several parts will be removed and replaced with the new ones that are supplied in the Service Kit. The estimated time for this procedure is 2 hours. See the chart below for all items included in the comprehensive kits.
Servive Kit Components
Qty Decsription Model 500 Model 800 Model 1200
1 Set Of Instructions
1 Box
1 Siphon Pump
1 Pair Of Safety Glasses
1 Pair Of Disposable Gloves
1 Electrolyte Crystals (not for export) 300 grams 600 grams 2 x 600 grams
1 Wire Brush
1 Wire Wool Scouring Pad
1 Bristle Handle Brush
2 Sight Tube Clips
1 PVC 6mm Clear Sight Tube 620mm 590mm 300mm
1 PVC 6mm Clear Cell To Gas Outlet 280mm 420mm
1 PVC 5mm Clear Pressure Switch To Flash Back Tube 132mm 140mm 220mm
1 PVC 5mm Clear Flash Back To Cell Top Tube 190mm 240mm 570mm
1 PVC 6mm Clear Tube T Piece To Gas Oulet 460mm
2 PVC 6mm Clear Tube T Piece To Cell Top 65mm
1 Cell Connection Tube 110mm
2 Cell Tube Connection Clips
1 T Piece
4 Wire Ties
6 Wire Ties
1 Cell Gasket
2 Cell Gasket
4 Cell Insulators
8 Cell GInsulators
4 Electrical Braid 260mm
1 Pressure Switch Blue Tube 10mm In Length
1 Sight Tube For Booster 120mm In Length
1 Flash Back Replacement Body
2 Polo Washer
2 Plain Washer
1 Case Insulator
1.5 Meters Neoprene Tubing
1 M8 Nut
1 M8 Washer
3 M8 Nuts
3 M8 Washers
4 M6 Washer Large
4 M6 Washer Small
8 M6 Nuts
8 M6 Washer Large
8 M6 Washers Small
16 M6 Nuts
1 Fuse 5 Amp 240 Volts
1 Fuse 10 Amp 240 Volts
1 Fuse 8 Amp 110 Volts
1 Fuse 15 Amp 110 Volts
1 Corrosive Label
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