Mini Wing Ring Polishers

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Mini Wings Inside Ring Polishers are the newest revolutionary abrasive tool designed to smooth and brighten the inside of any ring. Comprised of a unique blend of abrasive cloth flaps and a unitized fiber core, both aluminum oxide,  mounted on a 3/32” shank. The Mini Wings work efficiently and quickly to simultaneously cut and smooth precious metals. Mount in any standard flex shaft handpiece or micromotor system with a 3/32” collet. Simply run at a slow speed (5,000 RPM OR LESS) and the distinctive 45-degree angle of the cloth flaps begin the process of cutting and smoothing all in a ONE step process. Add a little pressure and the sponge-like unitized fiber material moves around the contour of the ring, leaving a beautiful consistently smooth finish. Best of all, these Mini Wings can be used without water or messy compounds leaving your workspace clean. The Mini Wings are 14mm (approx. ½”) in diameter, overall length 48mm (approx. 2”), shank length 18mm (approx.. ¾”) . The Starter Set includes six pieces, one each of the following grits 80, 150, 220, 320, 400 and 600, sold separately, see related products. Made in Thailand.

  • Unique, new way of cutting/polishing simultaneously
  • Use on any precious metal without water or polishing compound
  • Use with any handpiece or micromotor system (3/32” collet)
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