Prong Pusher with Detachable Heads

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Set stones in half the time with this handy Prong Pusher. Place your stone in an empty setting, place the tool over the prongs and press down. All prongs are then set evenly and quickly. This prong pusher even works with cupchain prongs. Comes complete with 7 interchangeable heads ranging from 6-14mm, for stones from 1-10mm, that easily screw on/off of the brass tip. Prong pusher has an ergonomic wood handle, color of the wood may vary. Push tip length measures 51mm (2”). Overall length 153mm (6”). Weighs 3oz. Made in India.

Choose the correct head size for your stone setting:
  • 1mm stone setting = 6mm head
  • 2mm stone setting = 7mm head
  • 4mm stone setting = 8mm head
  • 5mm stone setting = 9mm head
  • 6mm stone setting = 10mm head
  • 8mm stone setting = 12mm head
  • 10mm stone setting = 14mm head
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