Accu-Scope® Gem Scope 3052-GEM

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ACCU-SCOPE®’s 3052-GEM Stereo Gem Stand Microscope is compact, easily transportable and is ideal for the gemologist on the go! Rechargeable AA batteries allows the user to work anywhere. The 3052-GEM is a simple, cost-effective solution for the discerning gemologist looking for a great value at an affordable price. Made in China.


Optical System: 1x/3x fixed magnifications for viewing stones at 10X and 30X magnification with the included WF 10x/20mm eyepieces.

Eyepiece 3. The 3052-GEM is supplied with WF10x/20mm eyepieces. This means it is a Wide-Field 10X magnification eyepiece with a 20mm field of view (i.e. the visible circle when you look through the eyepieces has 20mm diameter.

Illumination: Built-in, rechargeable LED illumination provides darkfield illumination and reflected illumination from above. Portability/Stand, bold Powered by a light weight 110V external power supply and rechargeable AA batteries, allows the user to work anywhere.

Accessories: Steel wire stone holder allows for multi-angled viewing of various sized gems is included; optional ring holder (810-0135) also available and sold separately.

Warranty: 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty for parts and labor, and electronic components.
  Gem Scope 3052-GEM Gem Scope 3075-GEM Gem Scope 3075-GS
Item #: 810-0130 810-0131 810-0132
Magnification: 10X - 30X 10X - 67.5X 10X - 67.5X
Field of View: 20mm at 10X 15mm at 15X 16mm at 10X

8 x 5 x 12.5
203 x 17 x 318

12.5 x 9.5 x 15
318 x 241 x 381

12 x 11 x 20
305 x 279 x 508
Electrical: 110V, 60Hz/ or AA rechargable batteries included 110V-240V, 50/60Hz 110V-240V, 50/60Hz
New Weight: (lbs. / kg) 7 / 3 16 / 7.5 23 / 10.5
Shipping Weight:(lbs. / kg) 9 / 4 20 / 9 28 / 13
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