Mettler Carat Scale JE-503C/A

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Legal for Trade, Pre-sealed. The Mettler Toledo JE503C/A Carat Scale features an intuitive menu, easy to read display and 7 built-in applications. Toggle key allows instant switching between carats and grams.

This legal for trade certified multi-function carat scale is the latest in the line of precision scales that are the standard that all other diamond scales are measured against. Mettler scales can be found on diamond dealers desks all over the world. Made exclusively for the jewelry industry, the Mettler JE503C/A diamond scale has a 505 Carat capacity and is accurate to .001 Carat. As a multi-function scale, it also weighs in grams, kilograms, milligrams, pounds, troy ounces, avoirdupois ounces, grain, and DWT (pennyweight).

The 500 Carat capacity translates into 100 grams, (3.22 troy ounces, or 64.3 pennyweights), giving you enough capacity to deal with most precious metal and stone weighing applications in the fine jewelry industry.

Connects to PC or printer with RS232 interface, no additional software needed. Solid metal base, reinforced body and overload protection.

This version, with the /A designation for the American market, meets the legal for trade requirements for use in the USA. One-year warranty. Made in Switzerland.
Item #: 200-3644
Maximum Capacity: 500ct / 100g
Readability: 0.001ct / 0.1mg
Platform Size: (mm / inches) 90 /2.75
Setting Time: (Typical) 2.0 seconds
Electrical: 100-220V, 50/60Hz AC Adapter
(DxHxW) mm
(DxHxW) inches

344 x 344 x 210
13.5 x 13.5 x 8.5
Net Weight: (lbs. / kg) 13 / 6
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