Legor® One-Pen Plater

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This simple easy-to-use pen plating system from Legor® carries a small footprint on your workbench/table but will handle all your pen-plating needs quickly and efficiently providing you professional results. Provides a higher output voltage setting (Up to 14 volts) than any other pen-plater system available thus making it ideal for blue rhodium and other solutions that require these settings. The Legor® system has the ability to use two pens at the same time should the need arise to use/plate two different colors without having to change pen handles.  Replacement (additional) plater pens are available (see related products).  Unit is digital thus allowing the user a more precise control over the voltage settings and offers an easy-to-read display.   The pens are easily detachable at the end so the user can swiftly disconnect the pen and leave it in the solution while you utilize a second pen and its solution.   When ready to plate again, simply re-connect and you are ready to go!   Made in Italy.


Dimensions: W x D x H  Inches/mm 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.375  / 140 x 140 x60
Capacity: 14 Volts Capacity
Electrical: 110/240V (Dual), 50/60Hz.
Shipping Weight: lbs./kg 4 / 1.8
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