GRS® ID Ring Holder

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Secure your rings while you work on them with ease, versatility and precision by using the GRS® ID Ring Holder. Simply secure the ring holder in any GRS® bench block or any common bench vise to achieve consistent support for the holder. This ring holder is portable, and a great alternative to bulkier and more expensive alternatives in the market.   The ID Ring Holder is a good economical option when users need a simple, functional, and quality work-holding solution.   The use of the standard expansion cone and the locking expansion cones allows the user to hold the ring in an immobile position or you can adjust it to allow any degree of rotation as you are working at your bench/workstation.  These expansion cones will ensure that the entire circumference of the mandrel is properly placed as it grips the inside diameter of the ring being worked on.

The standard cone, with its smooth surface design, helps the user adjust the expansion to allow either a small amount of rotation or free rotation of the workpiece while you are setting stones or engraving the ring surface. The locking cone creates a unique locking action that provides an unmoving platform for raising beads, stone setting or pavé setting.

 This ID Ring Holder is not compatible with GRS BenchMate but see the Stone Setter’s Package for either BenchMate Encore for a compatible ID Ring Holder fixture. From top to bottom, it measures 2" (51mm). The bottom base is 1.375" (35mm)L x .5" (13mm)D. Set weighs 8.5 oz (241g). Hex wrench measures 3.75" (95mm)L and .75" (19mm)W at the thickest point. Made in USA.

A. DRAWBAR: The mandrel and cone support bar that passes through the frame.

B. STANDARD CONE: Allows the user to set rotational mandrel drag.

C. LOCKING CONE: Does not allow for ring rotation.

D. EXPANDING MANDREL SET: Two sets of 10 different sizes are available from
13.5 mm to 22.5 mm.

E. ID RING HOLDER BODY: Rugged all steel design dampens vibration.

F. DRAWBAR KNOB: Pulls the Drawbar into the cones which expands the
mandrels into the inner diameter of the ring. Hint: do not over-tighten the ring
as there is a possibility that you could damage the ring.

G.SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREWS: These act as a stop to allow the fixture to mount
in a vise. Also valuable for tilting the fixture up and down as needed. Screws
can be removed if additional vise depth is desired.

H. LONG HEX NUT AND WRENCH: If additional clearance is needed around the
fixture ring, the Drawbar Knob can be removed and the Long Hex Nut can be
substituted. The wrench is included for this purpose and may also be used on
the backside of the Drawbar Knob.


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