Optional Diffuser Set for Diamonds on the Dino-Lite Edge Series Scopes

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Diffuser set for diamond image capture with Dino-Lite Edge Series Models. Includes 2 diffusers at different heights designed for viewing Diamonds. Easy to use, just Insert gently by placing the diffuser inside cap. Ensure diffuser is positioned straight to avoid blocking the LEDs. If the diffuser is too loose, place a 1mm or 1.5mm rubber spacer (included) over the recessed area around the edge of the diffuser.  On the AM models (see related products), carefully remove by holding the clear plastic cap down with one hand, while gently twisting and pulling diffuser with the other hand. Instructions guide is included. Dimensions (H x W), 29 x 36mm (1.25” x 1.5”). Shipping weight 20g (0.04 lb.). One-year warranty. Made in China. 
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