Quatro PGR Polishing & Dust Collection Combo - Single Station

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A breath of fresh air has arrived. Quatro has put together a great all-in-one polishing set designed for the manufacturer to the retail jeweler. The PGR Super Flow (854-1479) is the power behind this set and its reputation is second to none. PGR stands for what needs to be accomplished...Polishing, Grinding, and Recovery. This model is the ultimate model in the series, giving you the best suction power and utilizes a variable speed motor to control the suction. The premium brushless motor delivers more airflow, suction, and  utilizes an intuitive control pane for running your PGR "Super-Flow", and Its intelligent controls tell you when to change the filters!

The PGR Super Flow Dust Collector captures metals in contained, sealable filter bags along with a HEPA filter for 99.97% efficiency. Complete with a Clearview Hood (854-2083), LED lighting with an on/off valve inside the hood and a Two-Speed Cool-Blue 1/2 HP Polishing Motor (854-1086). To enhance vision, the hood comes with a hinged magnifier (854-1480).  Made in Canada

Set Includes:

  • (1) - PGR Super Flow Dust Collector (854-1479)
  • (1) - Clearview Hoods w/LED Lighting (854-2083)
  • (1) - Auto-Start Valves (854-1482)
  • (1) - Clearview Hinged Magnifiers to Enhance Vision 2x (854-1480)
  • (1) - Two-Speed Cool-Blue 1/2 HP Polishing Motor - Single Spindle (854-1086)
PGR "SuperFlow" 
Gesswein Item Number: 854-1479
Electrical: 120V, 10A, 60Hz
CFM: 450
Decibel: 59dBA
Overall Dimensions: 
(WxDxH) Inches/ cm
22 x 14 x 32
(56 x 35.6 x 81)
Net Weight: (lbs./kg) 126  / 57
Suction Motor: 1-1/2 HP
Note: All PGR units can now ship UPS/FedEx.
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