TolTec Camera Lens ONLY(TTC100LS-RW01-21008)

  Gesswein products are occasionally returned from trade shows, exhibitions or demonstrations with minor scratches, dents or other superficial damage not related to product performance. We make these products available to our customers and ensure they are tested completely prior to offering. Every used item we sell is sold "As Is" with Gesswein’s 60 Day Warranty, All Sales Final!
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Was Originally $4,395.00

USED ITEM Camera Lens ONLY with 100X Magnification

Item is used but in fully working condition. It has slight scratches throughout as well as a slight stain on top.

This is ONLY the  camera lens with 100X magnification and a EROWA fixture. Can be used with the TolTec measuring system. 

The TolTec Microimage Measurer, NOT included,  is a high-resolution video inspection and measurement system. It verifies the accuracy of measurements during the EDM or machining process while the tool is still in place on the EDM or CNC machine! 

Eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone routine of having to remove, measure and relocate the tool, allowing you to check tolerances on the fly with ease. Minimizes costly mistakes often caused by inexact tool repositioning.