Flow Gauge Argon Regulator for Sisma LM-D Welders

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Single-stage flow gauge regulators are compact and feature a forged brass body, nickel-plated bonnet with 2-inch diameter gauges and a self-resetting pressure relief valve. The relief valve protects the regulator from damage due to inadvertent high-pressure surge.

The safety body is threaded to allow for adding a tube fitting to capture the gas and vent it away from the work area. They also include a Sure Seat™ protective inlet filter and a durable neoprene-composite diaphragm. This highly durable neoprene composite diaphragm offers precise adjustment of outlet pressure and extended service life. The Sure Seat™ filtered seats prevent contamination from entering the seating area.

The Two shatter resistant gauge lenses with poly-carbonate lenses resist damage and corrosion. Three-year manufacturer's warranty. Weighs 2.7 lbs. Made in the USA.

Hosing sold separately by the foot (830-1798), see related products.

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