Presidium® (MPIREM) Mini Inside Ring Engraver

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The Presidium® (MPIREM) Mini Inside Ring Engraver is a newly redesigned compact version of the original inside ring engraver that has been sold across the jewelry industry for decades. The redesigned Mini Inside Ring Engraver now takes up less space and is still manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Sturdy and reliable, the Presidium® Mini Inside Ring Engraver is "mini" in size, but mighty in its operation. Unlike the knock-off copies in the market today, the final result is a perfect consistent engraving every time. A smooth easy glide is what you want when you are engraving precious antique rings!

The Presidium® (MPIREM) uses a circular dial with block lettering as the type for diamond drag scratch engraving for inside rings. The machine is a high quality precision engraver based on a popular design used by many makers going back many decades. The Presidium® Mini Inside Ring Engraving machine includes one 2-sided single line block dial. On the one side of the dial is large uppercase with slanted type, on the other side is a smaller uppercase without a slant. Other style font dials are available, (see Related Products). Made in Singapore.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates wide range of ring sizes.
  • Adjustable letter spacing.
  • Hardened powder-coated paintwork.
  • Single lettering template of height 1mm and 2mm included.
Presidium® Mini Inside Ring Engraving Machine (MPIREM)
Length: (mm | in) 290 | 11.42"
Width: (mm | in) 152 | 5.98"
Height: (mm | in) 316 | 12.44"
Net Weight: (kg | lb) 5.5 | 12.1
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