Quatro SCS Compact Superflow Polisher

* Product will be arriving early February.
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The Quatro SCS Standup Compact Superflow Polisher features a powerful suction unit with the addition of a tabletop containing (2) Quatro fully-enclosed Clearview Hoods and one 1/2 HP double-spindle two-speed motor (tapered spindles included). Energy-efficient, LED lights in hoods use up to 75% less power than incandescent lights and keep your work area much cooler.

The Quatro 2-Stage filtration system enables the user to capture all your precious metal dust, not just a portion of it and thus recovers more metal for refining.   The SCS is the ideal system for Polishing, Grinding and Recovery. The first stage captures dust and metal debris in (3) high-capacity, sealable filter bags (854-2189) for maximum return on refining. Most particulate is gathered at this stage with the balance being filtered during the second stage being the HEPA (854-2079) filter. The HEPA filter is rated at being 99.97% efficient and requires no additional venting from the workspace. The SCS will handle all the dust and particles that competitive models cannot filter thus leaving a clean working environment. One-year manufacturer's warranty. Made in Canada. 

Included Features:

  • Superior Capture/Containment System using 2-Stage Filtration.  Uses (3) Sealable Filter Bags for increased Capacity (854-2189) and also a HEPA Filter (854-2079) for capturing very fine particulates.
  • (2) LED illuminated Clearview Hoods with Integrated Clip-on Magnifier for increased visibility of the work being done.
  • High-power, continuous duty brushless motor for long-term performance.
  • Cool Blue 1/2 HP 2-speed Polishing Lathe/Motor with Tapered Spindles.
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Built-in ASV (Auto Start Valve) System turning your SCS into an automatic system. Able to start/stop your SCS from inside each hood. Use one Clearview Hood or both at the same time. Shut one hood off to get full power from the other hood.
  • Utilizes an intuitive control panel for running your SCS. Easy to use, the digital control panel and its intelligent controls will alert you when to change the filters and will shut off automatically when filter bags are full.

Quatro SCS Compact Superflow Polisher Includes:

  • 1/2 HP 2-speed polishing motor
  • 2 Clearview Hoods with Magnifiers and ASV on/off valves
  • 3 Sealable Filter Bags (854-2189)
  • 1 HEPA filter (as small as 0.3 micron) (854-2079)

Increase counter height and mobility with optional 2" casters (854-1473). Reduce noise by 5 dBA with optional Silencer (854-1528).




Quatro SCS Compact Superflow Polisher
Suction Motor: 120V | 9 Amps
Electrical: 120V | 1 Ph | 60 Hz
Horsepower: 1/2 HP
Airflow/Noise: 450-550 CFM | 65 dBA
Buffing Motor: Cool Blue 1/2 HP, 2-speed
(3,450/1,725 RPM) w/Tapered Spindles
Dimensions (WxDxH): 38.5" x 24" x 50"
978 x 610 x 1270mm
Counter Height: 35" | 889mm
Net Weight: 205 lbs | 92.9 kg
Shipping Weight: 230 lbs | 105 kg
Made In: Canada
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