PUK 5.1 Welder with SM5.1 Microscope and Flow Regulator


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PUK® 5.1 The New Ease of Micro-Welding

The PUK® 5.1 masters the welding of accessories, applying metal, fastening work, welding eyelets, sealing pores, generating seams, welding precious metals including gold, silver, copper, bronze, as well as all alloys suitable for welding; even material thicknesses of less than 0.2mm. The supreme discipline of creating and repairing claw settings with valuable precious stones in the immediate vicinity of the welding process, the PUK® 5.1 masters with ease. Compact, versatile and boasts faster welding speeds than ever before!

As soon as the tip of the electrode on the handpiece touches the work piece, the welding process starts automatically. The inert argon gas forms a protective gas atmosphere around the welding spot and prevents disruptive external influences. The current pulse, which is specially shaped and tailored to suit the welding task, ignites an electric arc creating a controlled melting of the metal and it does so as often and as precisely as desired. Continuous flow of argon allows for rapid retractions of the electrode.

The user can achieve perfect welding results in metals that include gold, silver, platinum, bronze, copper, titanium and stainless steel. The PUK® 5.1 takes control of the correct welding parameters for perfect results.

Developed by goldsmiths for goldsmiths, the PUK® 5.1 delivers TIG impulse welding that precisely handles the finest and most intricate tasks. Also great for tack welding for temporary joints when needed. Incorporates a simple user-friendly touchscreen with swipe functions and provides intuitive settings…simply select the metal type and the task you need to perform and weld with confidence! The PUK® 5.1 does a fantastic job on dissimilar metals as well.

SM5.1 PUK® Welding Microscope

The PUK® 5.1 welder is paired with the SM5.1 Microscope. This high-quality microscope has optics with 10X magnification and individual settings establishes the prerequisites for precise work. Eye protection system with integrated LED lighting and four adjustable brightness levels offers optimum illumination of the working area. Simply moving the handpiece holder away from the field of view increases the action area of the SM5.1, turning it into a multi-purpose microscope.

Padded hand supports simplify the guidance of the work piece for fatigue free and ergonomic working. Height and tilt adjustment provides optimum work place comfort and ergonomic position. At the same time, a spacer sleeve assures the correct distance between the objective lens and the work piece. The retaining clip on the microscope fastens the connecting hose in place.

PUK® Flow Regulator

An important prerequisite for reliable welding results is the correct gas flow of the inert argon gas. The inert argon gas forms a protective gas atmosphere around the welding spot and prevents disruptive external influences.

PUK 5.1 Welder with SM5.1 Microscope (made in Germany) includes:

  • The PUK® 5.1 Control Box
  • SM5.1 Microscope
  • PUK® Argon Gas Flow Regulator
  • Precision Handpiece
  • 3m of Gas Hose
  • Power Cord
  • Alligator Clip
  • Fiberglass Brass Brush
  • Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • 0.6mm WLA Electrodes (6)