SonoCraft ST-360

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Powerful ultrasonic jewelry finish for both hard & soft metals!

Traditionally used to finish intricate details in most jewelry, ultrasonic polishing enables precision finishing in the tiniest of areas. SonoCraft ST-360 uses high-frequency, low-amplitude ultrasonic vibration for cleaning and burnishing, as well as bead setting and light engraving-leaving an extremely bright burnished surface. Excels at removing rapid prototyping marks and leaving a beautiful mirror finish in 1 step.

ST-360 includes an ultrasonic handpiece that is lightweight with very little vibration transmitted through it making it perfect for all day use. Also includes 3 carbide tips, 3 ceramic stones, 1 diamond file and 2 tool holders (1 can hold 2.0mm diameter and 1 can hold 2.5mm diameter), 2 spanner wrenches and 2 allen wrenches. They work on the softer metals as well as hard metals such as platinum. Made in Japan.

A very versatile machine, the ST-360 has four ultrasonic oscillation modes:

Single Hit Mode:
Tightens beads onto stones with minimal or no touch-up needed.

Intermittent Mode (Slow):
Slowly repeating impacts for engraving.

Intermittent mode (Rapid):
Rapidly repeating impacts for engraving.

Continuous Mode:
Constant fast impact for burnishing and polishing.

SonoCraft ST-360 has a full 45 watts of power for precision finishing on hard metals like platinum as well as on gold, silver, and soft metals. ST-360 is powerful enough to quickly remove rapid prototype marks on castings for a beautiful shine. Can even do light engraving and bead setting!


  • Drastically reduces finishing time for increased productivity.
  • Automatic frequency adjustment provides optimal efficiency for excellent finishing results.
  • High output power handles all kinds of metals with ease.
  • Utilizes (4) separate power modes; single hit, intermittent slow, intermittent rapid, and continuous depending on your application.
  • Accomplish light engraving and/or touch-up work with tools provided.

The handpiece is a HP-9706. The cord length is 1.7M (67"), M6 screw thread measures 118mm (4.7") with a 28mm (1.1") diameter. Weighs just 300g (10.6 oz). See Specifications tab below for more details.

SonoCraft ST-360
Electrical: 100-120V
Max. Power Output: 45W
Frequency: 21-24 KHz
Amplitude Adjustment: Continuous Variable
Oscillation Mode: 4 Steps
External Dimensions: (L x W x H) 130 x 250 x 260mm (5.25" x 10" x 10.25")
Net Weight: 3.0 kg (7 lbs.)
Shipping Weight: 5.53 kg (12.2 lbs.)
Handpiece HP-9706
Tool Screw Diameter: M6 (M6 > M4 adaptor)
Transducer Cord: 1.7m (67") (Curl type)
External Dimensions: (Dia. x L) 28 x 118mm (1.1" x 4.7")
Cooling System: Air-Cooling
Net Weight:  300g (10.6 oz.)
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