Geza Mini Mounted Brushes, Pack of 10

  Sold in packages of 10.
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A truly innovative brush for jewelers! The Geza Mini Mounted Brushes are offered in two grades (Hard and Soft) and are manufactured with the highest quality of boar bristles (Hard) or goat hair (soft); thus giving you a perfect consistent finish every time! The unique "tooth" shape construction is ideal for getting into deep recesses where round brushes cannot. No excess pressure is needed...just let the brush do all the work! Due to its shape, it is also optimal for a light hammering effect as the brush is rotating.

For best results, these brushes should be operated between 5,000-10,000rpm. Should you desire final polishing and less hammering, then the Geza brushes can be operated at 16,000rpm max. Brush head diameter is 22mm (.875"), measures 41mm (1.6") in length and mounted on a standard 3/32" shank. It has a  6mm (1/4") trim length. Available in packages of 10 or a bulk package of 100 (see related products). Made in Germany.

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