Accessories and Replacement Parts for PUK® 4, 4c, C440, 5, 5.1

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Argon Gas Regulator - (Item# 830-1516)
The PUK® flow regulator enables the exact setting of the recommended 2 liters per minute flow rate. It's precise and easy but above all, it’s reliable! The argon gas allows for clean, oxidation-free welds.

Argon Screw Nut - (Item# 830-1521)

Electrode Sets0.5mm Electrode (10 pieces) - (Item # 830-1498)
10 pre-sharpened electrodes, 50mm in length, for immediate use. The thin electrode increases precision by touching the exact spot of weld. Just prior to weld, the electrode pulls back into the handpiece allowing for a clean and precise weld spot. Thorium-oxide free. 

Replacement Handpiece Standard Cap 3mm (Snap on) - (Item # 830-1524)
Fits PUK 3 and up.

Replacement Handpiece Standard Cap 4mm (Snap on) - Item # 830-1502)
Fits PUK 3 and up. 

Electrode Sharpener - (Item # 830-1528)
For simple and rapid sharpening of PUK® electrodes. The diamond disc rotates when the button is pressed allowing for quick and convenient electrode sharpening. Plugs into a 110V and 230V outlet with adapter.  (See Related Items below for ordering)

Electrode Sharpener Diamond Wheel - (Item # 830-1531)
Replacement diamond wheel for Electrode Sharpener. See video on for instructions.

Microscope Glass - (Item # 830-0966)

Microscope Rubber Eye Flaps - (Item # 830-1512) 

Handpiece Complete Assembly - (Item # 830-1533)
For PUK 4, 5.  90cm (3') in length.

PUK Collet Nut for Handpiece - (Item # 830-1523)
Fits all PUK Handpieces.

PUK Handpiece Collet for 0.5mm Electrodes  - (Item # 830-0988)
Fits all PUK Handpieces.


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