Quatro ASV (Auto Start Valve) Arm with Plexi and Oval Nozzle

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The Quatro ASV Arm allows more suction to the active workstations or benches by diverting air from the idle ones.  Compatible with Quatro's CollectAll (854-2187), PGR Super Flow (854-1479), PS6 (854-1402) and JetStream Tall (854-1483). Comes complete with a convenient "ASV" (Auto Start Valve) that allows you to open and close the airflow to a particular station when needed. Arm extends to a total of 24" (61.0cm) long and will hold its weight securely when positioned. Connect to a 3" (7.6cm) diameter hose. Consider 854-1519, 3" to 1.5" (7.6 - 3.8cm) reducer, to connect to that smaller diameter hose. Mounted on a Table-Stand support bracket  (H x W x L - 3.6" x 7.3" x 2.5" (9 x 19 x 6cm)) and also includes the 8" (20.3cm) diameter oval plexi nozzle. Supplied with ASV and 10' (25.4cm) long cable. Shipping weight 2 lbs. (1kg). Made in Canada.
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