RingRescue™ Ring Compression Device

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Is your customer's ring impossible to remove? Not anymore! RingRescue™ is the new Non-Destructive Ring Removal device that belongs in every jewelry store!

In the years past, the only way to remove a ring from a swollen finger was to cut the ring apart with a conventional ring cutter. RingRescue™ is designed to be an innovative practical tool that can be used by anyone in a jewelry store to safely remove rings from swollen fingers. Best of all, without damage to the ring!

RingRescue™ was created to remove rings due to swollen fingers or some type of accident (trauma).  Instead of cutting off the ring, which can carry liability, you can now easily, safely and quickly remove it with RingRescue™. Designed by a team of medical doctors and engineers, and tested in hospitals and jewelry stores, RingRescue™ offers the jewelry and medical industry a new and effective solution for on-the-spot ring removal. With RingRescue™, you can remove an impossibly stuck ring without destroying the ring.

Simply apply RingRescue™ over the affected finger and push the bulb to inflate. The process takes up to 5 or 6 minutes for the most difficult swelling. Once the bulb of the RingRescue™ the device is deflated, simply apply lubricant (included) to the area (ring) after compression to help take the ring off, now that the swelling has subsided. The process is that simple and can be completed by one person!

RingRescue™ is a MUST for any jewelry store, emergency room, urgent care facility, ambulance, fire trucks as well as many medical teams that include nurses, paramedics, and physicians (especially obstetricians!). The inner diameter of the cuff for your finger is approximately 1" (25.5mm). Outer protective case measures 8.75"L x 2.5"W x 6.75"H (222 x 63.5 x 171.5mm). RingRescue™ in the protective case weighs 1.4 lbs. (.64kg). Warranty is (2) years against any manufacturing defect.  This excludes any issues surrounding mis-use or normal wear and tear. Made in Canada.


  • Blade free removal
  • Leaves ring intact
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Registered with the FDA

Why Jewelry Stores Need RingRescue™:

  • Drive Foot Traffic - Give customers existing and new; a reason to visit store.
  • Revenue Generator - Offer additional way to generate revenue by removing rings non-destructively.
  • Customer for Life - Reduce swelling, remove the ring, preserve the memory.
Step 1 of RingRescue

Step 1

Is your customer's ring impossible to remove? Not anymore! RingRescue™ was created to remove rings due to swollen fingers or some type of accident (trauma). Best of all, you can now safely and easily remove the ring without having to destroy it or cutting it off.

Step 2 of RingRescue

Step 2

Apply the RingRescue™ device over the affected finger (in event of trauma, use a glove before applying the device over finger). Ensure the device location is correct (against the ring, but not overtop). Close the pressure valve by turning clockwise. Pump the device until the needle is in the light blue zone. Allow the device to work for about 5 mins with hand elevated before opening the pressure valve to release pressure. Remove the device by gently wiggling it from the finger.

Step 2 of RingRescue

Step 3

Apply the supplied lubricant on the affected area.

Step 2 of RingRescue

Step 4

Immediately attempt to remove ring using twist and pull or rocking motions.