Sisma Everes 3D Printers

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Sisma Everes 3d Printer

EVERES ZERO and UNO are professional 3D printers based on DLP "Digital Light Processing" technology; designed and built to offer a user experience which has never been explored before. Both models include great attributes such as self-alignment and self-zeroing of the building platform, resin vat in non-degenerative material granting a very high dimensional precision; together with a high repeatability and reliability, high printing speed, automatic resin loading/unloading, and "Click & Make" software. All these functions deliver the ultimate 3D printing experience! This item is special order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Made in Italy.


Zero Tilting Technology (ZTT, patent pending) ensures that parts are not pulled away from the vat when printing. In ZTT, the glass affixed to the vat tilts gradually between layers, separating the first printed layer from the bed. This avoids suction between the object and the print bed, reducing the amount of process-related mechanical stresses on the model, and promoting better layer adhesion throughout the part.

Smart Building Platform (SBP, patent pending) allows self-alignment and self-zeroing of the build platform at every printing cycle, eliminating any human calibration intervention. The automatic detachment function also eliminates the risk of breaking the newly printed objects.

Vat bottom. The use of PTFE in the bottom of the vat, an inert material in the exothermic photo-curing process, allows for a non-degenerative printing, granting a very high dimensional precision, together with a high repeatability of the process.

Fast & Accurate

The patent pending ZTT (Zero Tilting Technology) enables extremely fast printing routines with uncompromising quality. The PTFE bottom of the vat is not subject to degeneration during the photo-curing process of the resin. The first layer will be precise and detailed as the last. The mechanical stress in the formation of the object is minimal.


The alignment and zeroing of the building platform take place automatically for every print job, without the need for any manual intervention, thus limiting any possible human error.


Resin cartridge types are automatically recognized by Tag RFID; the resin loading/ unloading operations are automatically managed at the start and at the end of every single printing process.

Model Everes Zero Everes Uno
Item# 262-0550 262-0552
Building Area (XY): 96 x 54mm 124.8 x 70.2mm
Z-Axis: 200mm 200mm
XY Resolution: 50 µm 65 µm
Printing Speed: Up to 6 min/cm Up to 6 min/cm
Layer Thickness: Min 25 µm - Max 200 µm Min 25 µm - Max 200 µm
Dimensions (Base x Height x Top): 411 x 870 x 272mm
(16" x 34.25" x 10.75")
411 x 870 x 272mm
(16" x 34.25" x 10.75")
Light Source: UV LED 405nm UV LED 405nm
Electrical: 100/240V, 50/60Hz 100/240V, 50/60Hz
Shipping Weight: 50kg (110 lbs.) 50kg (110 lbs.)
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