Sisma Everes Wax-Like Resin

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Wax-Like is a resin developed for the lost-wax casting process for the world of jewelry and fashion. The high resolution of Wax-like makes this resin particularly suitable for sharp detail and clean casting in the lost-wax burnout cycle. Suitable for direct casting in jewelry and designs that include filigree. Wax-Like has been designed to create models that require exceptional detail resolution, as well as to perform click -setting technique on stones down to 1mm diameter. UV curing is recommended before casting. Supplied in 0.5 liter (1 pt.) Made in Italy.  


  • 2-stage isopropyl wash
  • Use ultrasonic frequency - 80KHz and 100W
  • UV cure time 60 minutes with LED UV (I-385-405 nm) and 16W power
  • High resolution better for fine 25-micron level printing
  • One-year shelf life
Model Green Cast Resin Wax-Like Resin Functional Model Resin ABS Like Resin
Item# 262-0555 262-0557 262-0556 262-0558
Isopropyl Wash: 2-stage
Ultrasonic Frequency: < 80Khz, < 100W
Cure Time:
(with LED UV, I = 385,405 nm, 16W power)
60 mins 60 mins 30 mins 15 mins
Shelf Life: One-year
Printing Level: 25, 50, 100 micron 25 micron 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 micron 25, 50, 100 micron
Features: High Resolution
Low Shrinking
Low Viscosity
High Melting
High Resolution
Low Shrinkage
Low Viscosity
High Melting
Low Shrinkage
High Resolution
Low Shrinking
Low Viscosity
High Dimensional Stability
Applications: Production of elements for Lost-Wax Casting Process Production of elements for Lost-Wax Casting Process General purpose, modeling, construction of jewelry master models for hot rubber coating, dental models Rapid prototyping of industrial, electronic components and household goods
Cartridge Capacity: 0.5kg
Color: Transparent Green Transparent Light Green Matte Brown Transparent Orange
Compatible Machines: Everes Zero, Everes Uno

* - Requires post-processing for self-coverage

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