Laser Safety Barriers

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Laser barriers are ideal for containing a laser to a specific area. Our laser barriers are available in standard configurations listed in the chart below. Each comes with casters to make the barrier mobile for your shop. Frames are constructed of durable coated metal tubing. The coating is designed to prevent corrosion and decrease laser reflection. Our standard barrier material protection level is 200W per centimeter squared (200w/cm2) with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.

Hinges are used to connect the barriers from the bottom to the top. They are 3' wide so you can have a 90 degree bend between barriers. They are made of the same laser safe material as the barriers to keep up with OSHA/ANSI specifications. Each hinge has the laser safe specification on them. Hinges connect with Velcro® which runs the length on each side to the barriers. The hinges are used on the inside of the barrier closest to the laser. You would need 4 hinges to connect 4  barriers to create a safe environment. They are available in 4 sizes, 7' X 8', 7' X 10" and 8' X 8', 8' X 10'. The larger 10' barriers will need to ship via truck. See dimensions and weight in the chart. Suitable for the SWT and SWA, 1064 nm wavelength.

Systems can be customized and designed for your specific application. Other sizes also available. Contact Gesswein if you need a custom configuration to meet your requirements

WARNING: Laser safety barriers are not intended to replace laser protective eyewear or other laser safety products and systems. Please consult with your company's laser safety representative for correct equipment and use. See related products for laser eyewear.

Item# Laser Barrier Sizes
(L x W)
810-3100 8'W x 10'H with casters
810-3103 8'W x 8'H with casters
810-3105 Laser Barrier Hinge 3'W x 8'H  for 810-3100 & 810-3103
810-3110 7' x 10' with casters
810-3113 7' x 8' with casters
810-3115 Laser Barrier Hinge 3'W x 7' for 810-3100 & 810-3113
 - Item 810-3100 and 810-3110 ship by truck. We will contact you prior to shipment to arrange delivery and quote shipping charges.
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