Speedwire Wire Dispenser Kit

*Price subject to change with current precious metals market.
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Speedwire Wire Dispenser kit comes complete with five wires (14-Karat Yellow Gold, 18-Karat Yellow Gold, 19-Karat White Gold, Platinum/Iridium and Hard Silver Solder). The cleverly designed pen-style dispensers come preloaded with five feet of 30-gauge wire (non-refillable). Each of these dispensers measures 4-1/2" long and are color-coded and labeled. Selection is fast and easy and best of all, the wire stays clean and free of kinks. See related products for Speedwires sold individually. 

The sturdy plastic body is ergonomically contoured for precise control. A smooth roller on the see-through body of the dispenser allows you to control the wire feed, easily drawing through the pen. The wire is dispensed through a stainless-steel guide tube that allows you to feed the needed amount of wire close to your workpiece, thus giving you the precision needed to place your wire without taking your eyes off your work. Ideal for laser-welding repairs and applications allowing for increased productivity and essentially saving time! Prices subject to change due to fluctuation of the precious metal market. Made in the USA.

Item: 14K Yellow Gold 18K Yellow Gold 19K White Gold Platinum/Iridium Hard Silver Solder
14K Yellow Gold Wire Dispenser 18K Yellow Gold Wire Dispenser 19K White Gold Wire Dispenser Platinum Iridium Hard Silver Solder
Item #: 830-2795 830-2796 830-2797 830-2798 830-2799
Wire Gauge: 30 30 30 30 30
Dispenser Length: 4.5" (114mm) 4.5" (114mm) 4.5" (114mm) 4.5" (114mm) 4.5" (114mm)

Note: Prices subject to change with current precious metals market.

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