PUK® U5 Microscope

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10X microscope comes with internal shutter eye protection, 20mm diameter field of view, magnetic base and LED illumination. The multi-adjustable joints with sturdy and secure knobs enable ease of positioning and user comfort.

The fully adjustable hydraulic pivoting arm allows it to pivot and rotate in any direction, making work ergonomic and fatigue-free. With the switchable magnetic base, you can easily mount the microscope onto your work space.


  • Fixed 10X magnification with a large 20mm diameter field of view
  • LED-lighting inside microscope head
  • Eye-protecting filter
  • Multi-adjustable Hydraulic  Pivoting Arm
  • Switchable Magnetic Base
  • Microscope connects to the PUK U5
PUK® U5 Microscope
Item# 830-1599
Magnification: 10X
Working Distance: 145mm (5.7")
Field of View Diameter: 20mm (0.75")
Lighting: LED 3W, 800 mA
Weight: 3.6kg (7.9lbs)
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