Busch® Beading Tools - 100 Pack

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  Sold in packs of 100 per tool.
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Simply the Best! Busch Beading tools form high-quality beads on prongs to create a precise finish to ensure that stones are held securely in place in their mountings. These superior tools from Busch are designed with filigreed beading edges to better protect gemstones and to deliver highly polished beads. The opening at the end of the tool, also known as the calotte, produces a highly polished, consistently round, perfect bead every time. 

Busch Beading Tools are also scored 10mm from the end of the tool so you can easily break off the end thus allowing you to have a shorter tool should this be desired.  Sold as a package of 100 per tool. Also sold in smaller packs of 10 (see related products). Made in Germany.     

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