Parts for PH3 55X Handpiece

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The PH3 55X High Speed Rotary Handpiece is the lightest, fastest (55,000rpm), and most comfortable of our straight rotary handpieces. It makes a great choice for tools that perform at high speed. Used for precision work, detailing, and light finishing.

We carry replacement parts for this handpiece. Every PH3 handpiece consists of 2 sections: a motor and a head. When ordering, be sure to select which section of the handpiece you're ordering for.

powerhand handpiece diagram
Power Hand 3 55x motor parts
Item #: Product Description: Diagram #:
896-0345 Motor Case UM05A-316
896-0002 Countersunk Head Screw YSF21-103
896-0012 O-Type Rubber Ring S-10
896-0092 Metal Spacer KS-107
896-0093 Teflon Spacer KS-601
896-0094 Metal Spacer KS-108
896-0259 Wave Washer KW-100A
510-3073 Ball Bearing 1030ZZ
896-0095 Metal Spacer KS-034
510-2312 Armature (Complete) KA10-117-BB
896-0096 Dust Proof Collar KF-204A
510-2313 Armature KA10-117
896-0097 Dust Proof Collar KF-201A
510-3076 Ball Bearing 830ZZ
896-0098 O-Type Rubber Ring S-8
896-0099 Metal Rear Lid HE5E-205
896-0100 O-Type Rubber Ring ON08-201
896-0346 Brush Side Lid UM05-202
896-0337 Pan Head Screw YSP21-114
510-0168 Carbon Brush (Set of 2) KE-625A
896-0103 (+) Terminal Plate KE-548D
896-0102 (-) Terminal Plate KE-548C
896-0348 Hand Switch Assembly KE75-800
510-3382 Motor Cord Plug KE50-154
896-0325 Pan Head Screw YSF21-124
896-0349 Motor Cap UM05A-760
Power Hand 3 55x motor parts
Item #: Product Description: Diagram #:
896-0050 Top Cover JA-236
896-0051 Teflon Spacer KS-184
896-0052 O-Type Rubber Ring ON10-401
896-0053 Dust Ring AR16-114A
896-0054 Wave Washer KW-180
896-0055 C-Type Clip Ring KC-180
896-0056 C-Type Clip Ring KC-064
896-0057 Dust Seal "B" MT54-109A
896-0058 Dust Seal "A" GA37-108
896-0059 Wave Washer KW-081
896-0060 Stainless Spacer KS-105
510-3074 Ball Bearing 1260ZZ
896-0061 Bearing Spacer JA15-110
510-3072 Ball Bearing 1480ZZ
896-0062 Coil Spring Cover MT54-112A
896-0063 Coil Spring KB-590
501-0100 Collet Chuck, (2.35mm) KP-036B
501-0106 Collet Chuck, (3.00mm) KP-032B
501-0105 Collet Chuck, (3.175mm) KP-033B
896-0064 Chuck Case JA15-101
896-0065 Coil Spring KB-570
896-0066 Joint Shaft JA15-104A
896-0067 Coil Spring KB-044
510-0151 Joint GA78-106A
896-0068 C-Type Clip Ring KC-073
896-0069 Dust Seal "C" JA15-111
896-0070 Coil Spring KB-133
896-0071 Roller Ring MT01-206A
896-0072 Roller (set of 2) MT02-209
896-0073 Set Ring JA15-250
896-0074 Teflon Spacer KS-201
896-0075 Thrust Ring GA8-213
896-0076 Retainer GA8-220
896-0077 C-Type Clip Ring ISTW-15
896-0078 Metal Washer JA15-202
896-0079 Coil Spring KB-230
896-0080 Lock Ring JA15-300
896-0081 Coupler JA15-204A
896-0082 Stainless Steel Ball SB3
510-0180 Chuck Wrench KP-615A
510-0179 Chuck Joint Wrench KP-619