GRS® C-Max Gravers

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GRS® C-Max tungsten carbide gravers have just gotten easier to use. By adding two flat alignment areas on the shank of the graver, you can now save time and orient them accurately. The set screws on GRS® QC Tool Holders (see related products) will contact the flat spots of the graver, ensuring that the graver is loaded accurately. This will save time sharpening and create less headache when pairing a graver and QC tool holder.

C-Max gravers achieve a metallurgical balance like no other carbide gravers. For years, engravers and jewelers have used other carbide gravers that break easily or do not hold a fine edge. This frustration is gone forever thanks to C-Max carbide gravers. Try these tools and do better work in noticeably less time.

Each graver has a 1/8" shank and overall measures about 2" long. Made in USA.

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