Vibratory Tumbler #25SS

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For use with all medias including steel shot. Designed with a heavy-duty drive and suspension system. Action is infinitely adjustable through a full range of speed: from a gentle cascade for delicate parts up to a brisk, aggressive tumbling action for finishing rough castings.

Will tumble 125 average size ladies' rings. Bowl diameter is 14" with a capacity of 0.22 cu. ft. (5.25 quarts). Tumbler #25SS includes a discharge port for easy unloading. Measures 16" overall height. Electrical 115V, 60Hz, 1.7A,,  120W. 230V, 50 Hz, .8A, 120W. Shipping weight 22 lbs.

For optimal results, use with a Flow Through System, see "Related Products" below.
Working Capacity:* 0.22 cu.ft. (5.25 quarts)
Max. Number of Ladies Rings:** 125
Vibrations per Minute: 1500 at 60 Hz (1250 at 50 Hz)
Overall Height: 16"
Bowl Dimensions: 14" Diameter x 5-1/4"Deep
Shipping Dimensions:

14"L x 15"W x 17"L

Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.

* Media plus parts. A proper ratio of media to parts (approximately 10 to 1) should be maintained in order to cushion the parts and protect them from striking each other.

** Approximately 1" in diameter.
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