D-Master Soft Tip Tweezers

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Ideal for picking up stones and other small items, all without scratching them due to the ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe, elastomer tips. These state of the art, light-weight tweezers are suitable for working with melee diamonds, tapered diamonds, diamonds, gemstones up to 3 carats, and small watch parts. These stainless-steel tweezers have polypropylene jaws and the medium point tips are manufactured from an ESD safe elastomer material. Overall length is 125mm (5") with an opening tip width of 10mm (0.40"). Should the tips wear down, they can be replaced quickly and easily (195-1341, see related products).  Made in Japan.
D-Master Soft Tip Tweezers
Opening Width of Tip: 10mm (0.40")
Width of Tip: 1.5mm (0.06")
Tip Material: ESD Elastomer
Hardness of Tips: 80 Shore A Hardness
Overall Length: 125mm (5")
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