Formlabs Form 3L 3D Printer - Complete Package

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The Form 3L is an affordable, large format 3D printer that provides the higher print quality of the Form 3 with five times the build volume for fast turnaround of large industrial-quality parts. Stop sacrificing quality on larger prints. The Form 3L provides the incredible surface finish and fine detail for which stereolithography 3D printing is known. 

Scale up your in-house print production with the Form 3L, an easy-to-use large format 3D printer for reliable production. Eliminate the turnaround time of outsourcing or the manual work of assembly for large scale 3D prints. The Form 3L offers a massive build volume at an unprecedented value.

Two staggered Light Processing Units (LPUs) inside the printer use a compact system of lenses and mirrors to deliver accurate, repeatable prints. No specialized technicians required. Each high-density laser passers through a spatial filter to guarantee a clean laser spot. A parabolic mirror ensures that the laser prints perpendicular to the build plane, ensuring uniform print quality across the entire build platform.

Closed-loop calibration with optical sensors, continuously correct for scale and power and can even detect dust. The Form 3L offers automatic resin dispensing, simple print preparation software, and an interface anyone at your company can use.

Integrated sensors help maintain ideal print conditions and send you alerts about the state of your machine. Work seamlessly within the Formlabs eco-system of general purpose and specialty materials. The Form 3L can hold two easy-to-switch resin cartridges, preventing interruptions during large print jobs. The Light Processing Units, rollers, and optics window can be replaced in-house, reducing the need for replacement printer shipments. Made in China.

Package includes:

  • Form 3L 3D Printer
  • 3L Resin Tank
  • 3L Build Platform
  • Finishing Kit (rinse station, buckets, basket, and bottle, finishing tray, tweezers, scraper, removal tool, jig, flush cutters, and disposable nitrile gloves).
  • PreForm Software
Formlabs Form 3L 3D Printer
Technology: Low Force Stereolithography (LFSĀ­™)
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 77.5 x 52 x 73.5cm (30.5" x 20.5" x 28.9")
Build Volume: (W x D x H) 33.5 x 20 x 30cm (13.2" x 7.9" x 11.8") 
Layer Thickness: 25-300 microns (0.001" - 0.012")
Laser Spot Size:  85 microns (0.0033")
Laser Power: Two 250mW Lasers
Laser Specifications: 2 Light Processing Units
En 60825-1:2007 certified
Class 1 Laser Product
405 nm wavelength
250 mW power
85 micron (0.0033") laser spot
Operating Temperature: Auto-heats up to 35°C (95°F)
Temperature Control: Air-heated print chamber
Electrical: 100-240V, 7.5A, 50/60Hz, 650W
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4, 5 GHz)
Ethernet (1000Mb)
USB 2.0
Printer Control: 5.5" Interactive Touch-screen
1280 x 720 resolution
Printer Weight: 54kg (120 lbs.)

Standard Resins

  • Black Resin (V4) - 

    25, 50, & 100µm Layer Height Setting
  • Clear Resin (V4) -

    25, 50, & 100µm Layer Height Setting
  • Grey Resin (V4) -
    25, 50, & 100, 160µm Layer Height Setting
  • White Resin (V4) -
    50, & 100µm Layer Height Setting

Engineering Resins

  • Draft Resin (V1) - 
    300µm Layer Height Setting
  • Durable Resin (V2) -

    50 & 100µm Layer Height Setting
  • High-Temp Resin (V2) -

    25, 50, & 100µm Layer Height Setting
  • Tough Resin (V2) -
    50 & 100µm Layer Height Setting
  • Flexible Resin (V2) -
    50 & 100µm Layer Height Setting
  • Grey Pro (V1) -

    50 & 100µm Layer Height Setting
  • Elastic (V1) -

    100µm Layer Height Setting
  • Rigid (V1) -

    50 & 100µm Layer Height Setting

Jewelry Resins

  • Castable Wax Resin (V1) - 

    25, 50µm Layer Height Setting
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