End Brushes with Crimped Brass Wire – 6mm Shank

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Brass end brushes, with 0.3mm diameter crimped wire, allow for fast surface cleaning. One-piece ferrule construction ensures that the stem and ferrule will not become separated during use. The brushes are designed to follow contours and intricate surface patterns. Available in 12mm (1/2") diameter. Shank diameter is 6mm (slightly smaller than ¼”). Maximum RPM is 20,000rpm. Made in China.

Item # End Brush Diameter Wire Type Trim Length Ferrule Diameter Shank RPM
114-5450 12mm (1/2") Brass Wire 0.3mm (0.0118”) 28mm (1.1”) 12mm (1/2") 6.00mm 20,000
Nylon End Brushes, 1/4" Shank
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