Edenta CeraGloss™ Set

$118.95 SDS
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The CeraGloss™ set by Edenta contains one of each grade so you have exactly what you need to go from a rough state to a mirror finish. These wheels are produced with a patented ceramic technology that gives outstanding polishing results without polishing pastes or compounds. The CeraGloss™ wheels when used in successive order (Coarse, Medium and Fine), provide a high-polish, high-gloss finish that gives a brilliant and reflective appearance. CeraGloss™ wheels are ideal for working on stainless steel, steel, palladium, platinum, titanium, ceramic, and gemstones. The green wheel is a pre-polisher (Coarse 145-1391) and is ideal for smoothing down rough surfaces and light material removal. The blue wheel is a finisher (Medium, 145-1392) and is ideal for scratch removal. The yellow wheel is a final finisher (Fine, 145-1393) and is ideal for obtaining a final high-gloss mirror finish. All wheels are also sold individually. See related products. 

Each CeraGloss™ wheel measures 25mm X 2.5mm (1” X 0.10”) and is mounted on a 2.35mm (3/32”) shank. Overall length of 50mm (2"). Max RPM is 5,000. Made in Switzerland.

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