Sisma Easy-C 300F Laser Engraver - 30W with CVS Integration


* Lease-to-Own options available for as little as $700/mo.

  Gesswein products are occasionally returned from trade shows, exhibitions or demonstrations with minor scratches, dents or other superficial damage not related to product performance. We make these products available to our customers and ensure they are tested completely prior to offering. Every used item we sell is sold "As Is" with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, All Sales Final!

For further technical information, please call Adam Kasson at 203-332-3414.

USED ITEM - Please call Adam Kasson at 203-332-3414 for more information.

Item is used but in full working condition. It has slight scratches on the inside base plate within the working chamber.

The Easy Series of Sisma Laser Engravers are the perfect solution to a range of ideas related to jewelry on a smaller scale. Ranging from 20 watts to 70 watts, Sisma utilizes the highest quality fiber sources in the world. Available in 20-watt MOPA (200F EP), 30-watt Q switch (3000F), 50-watt MOPA (500F EP), and 70-watt Q switch (7000F) configurations, Easy is an “easy” solution for your most challenging requests or ideas. Equipped with an F160 focusing lens with a marking area of 100x100mm, and a motorized Z-axis, the Easy series has the potential of integrations to allow for automated marking, deep engraving or cutting.

Prisma software to run the machine is entirely developed and maintained by Sisma.

Demo Sisma Easy 300F 30W Fiber Laser engraver has been gently used at one exhibition and in-house testing. Current machine life has 1300 hours of consumption and 900 hours of source life, active engraving.

Machine is in like-new condition and exudes faint scratching on the base plate inside chamber, and very minor cosmetic blemishes, that in no way affects the operation of the machine and the products it is capable of producing.

30 watts is acceptable for production marking, more frequent deep engraving, and occasional cutting.

Machine comes equipped with motorized ring axis for inside/outside ring marking and bangle marking, dynamic measuring device for automation of the z-axis, CVS (coaxial vision system) preinstalled for computerized precision and complications in alignment, and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Additional accessories available for the Easy series include a 254mm lens for increasing the focal range from 100x100mm to 180x180mm, 2 or 3 stage dust collection, dynamic measuring device for automation in focal alignment, pattern matching software for automation in production, fill-it software for varying surface textures and designs, and a 3-D plugin for Rhinoceros for 3-D engraving. Furthermore, chucks for the mandrel for asymmetric rings are available, along with a gripper chuck for yeti cups/mugs, a guide plate dragger for automated cutting and a vacuum box to contain precious metal when cutting. For further technical information on this Sisma Laser Engraver, please call Adam Kasson at 203-332-3414.

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Established in 1961, Sisma is a worldwide recognized name for the design and production of extremely high precision laser machinery. Suiting the needs of diverse industries; jewelry, machining, prototyping, dental, and medical, Sisma’s expansive line of customizable laser solutions are synonymous with quality and superiority. Innovative by vocation, Sisma combines an independent and cutting-edge design and production organization with a wealth of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing top product quality as well as thorough and prompt assistance throughout the world.

Sisma's philosophy, aimed at satisfying the specific needs of customers, is the result of an inborn strategic imperative that contributes to affirming the role of Sisma as a maker of excellence in the world of industrial mechanics.

At Sisma, their extensive experience and technical know-how blends with productive efficiency and innovative spirit which promptly answers to the ever-changing marketplace. The power to create special, customized machines is but another jewel in Sisma's crown of excellence. Look no further...Sisma is the machine of choice for the above-mentioned markets all over the world!

All after sales and support handled by Gesswein in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Invest in tomorrow's technology today. Sisma, with Gesswein, combining over 150 years of excellence and performance; ready to work for you. Machines are proudly manufactured in Italy.

Model: Easy-C 300F (30W)
Item #: 888-3183
Average Laser Power: 30W
Source Type: Fiber: Yb
Wavelength: 1064nm
Pulse Frequency: 1-500 kHz
Pulse Duration: 40-260 ns
Max Pulse Energy: 0.21-1 mJ
Beam Quality: ≤ 1.6 M2
Beam Spot Diameter: 20 μm
Max Marking Speed: 2000 mm/s
Z Axis Stroke: 290 mm
Power Supply: 230V, +/- 15%, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 22" x 30" x 30.3"  
(560 x 760 x 770mm)
Weight: 187 lbs. (85kg)
Crated Weight: 265 lbs. (120kg)
Warranty: 1 Year