Sisma Easy-Go Laser Marker - 200F/300F

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Established in 1961, Sisma is a worldwide recognized name for the design and production of extremely high precision laser machinery. Suiting the needs of diverse industries; jewelry, machining, prototyping, dental, and medical, Sisma’s expansive line of customizable laser solutions are synonymous with quality and superiority. Innovative by vocation, Sisma combines an independent and cutting-edge design and production organization with a wealth of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing top product quality as well as thorough and prompt assistance throughout the world.

Sisma's philosophy, aimed at satisfying the specific needs of customers, is the result of an inborn strategic imperative that contributes to affirming the role of Sisma as a maker of excellence in the world of industrial mechanics.

At Sisma, their extensive experience and technical know-how blends with productive efficiency and innovative spirit which promptly answers to the ever-changing marketplace. The power to create special, customized machines is but another jewel in Sisma's crown of excellence. Look no further...Sisma is the machine of choice for the above-mentioned markets all over the world!

All after sales and support handled by Gesswein in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Invest in tomorrow's technology today. Sisma, with Gesswein, combining over 150 years of excellence and performance; ready to work for you. Machines are proudly manufactured in Italy.

The Easy Go 200F (20W) / 300F (30W) Q Switched fiber optic laser machines by Sisma are simplistic in design, and functionality. Equipped with a F160 focusing lens for a focal range of 100mmx100mm, and a motorized Z axis, the Easy Go is the entry way into the quality and precision of the Sisma line of laser engravers. Pre-installed red pointer allows for image/text preview before marking, to ensure precision in location. Under a single pass, it was mark/cut 2um in a single pass. Maximum depth before distortion is 1.0mm in silver, 1.2mm in gold for 20 watts, and 1.2mm in silver, and 1.4mm in gold in 30 watts.

Prisma software to run the machine is entirely developed and maintained by Sisma. We offer Class 1 (closed) configurations, but can provide Class 4 (open) if necessary for your application. Be sure to discuss your needs with your Gesswein account rep.

20 watts is most acceptable for production marking, infrequent deep engraving, and occasional cutting, with limitations in time. 30 watts is acceptable for production marking, more frequent deep engraving, and occasional cutting.

Additional accessories available for the Easy-Go series include ring mandrel for inside/outside ring/bangle, 2 or 3 stage dust collection, dynamic measuring device for automation in focal alignment, and a jog kit for ease of positioning the laser light. Furthermore, chucks for the mandrel for asymmetric rings are available, along with a gripper chuck for yeti cups/mugs, a guide plate dragger for cutting, and a vacuum box to contain precious metal when cutting.


Key Features:

Available in 20 watt and 30 watt open (class IV not shown) and closed
(class I) configurations to integrate with your work flow.
Ideal for simple marking and engraving and scalable to high volume
material processing.
Optional accessory tools for customized laser engraving solutions.



Model #: 200F 300F
Item #: 821-5971 821-5973
Average Power: 20W 30W
Source Type:  Ytterbium (Yb)  Ytterbium (Yb) 
Wavelength: 1060 nm ~ 1085 nm 1060 nm ~ 1085 nm
Single Pulse Energy: 1 mJ @20 kHz 1 mJ @20 kHz
Pulse Duration: 120 ns @20 kHz 120 ns @20 kHz
Beam Quality: <1.8 M2 <1.8 M2
Red Pointer: Class 2M diode red; λ=650 nm; 2 mW Class 2M diode red; λ=650 nm; 2 mW
Working Temperature: 10ºC - 35ºC 10ºC - 35ºC
Cooling System: Forced air Forced air
Z Axis Stroke: 13.39" (340mm) 13.39" (340mm)
4" Axis: Optional Optional
Power Supply: 230V ± 15% 50/60 Hz, 1Ph, CEE 16 plug 230V ± 15% 50/60 Hz ,1Ph,CEE 16 plug

Working Chamber:

 (W x D X H)

19.68" x 11.42" x 11"

(500 x 290 x 280mm)

19.68" x 11.42" x 11"

(500 x 290 x 280mm)

Machine Dimensions:

(W x D x H)

22" x 27" x 31"

(555 x 685 x 795mm)

22" x 27" x 31"

(555 x 685 x 795mm)

Weight: 165 lbs. (75kg) 165 lbs. (75kg)
Warranty: 2 Year 2 Year


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