Quatro SolderPure Fume & Particulate Extractor

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854-1375/1376/1387 is now 854-1385.

Quiet running with a small footprint, the Quatro SolderPure returns clean air into your workplace, making outside ventilation unnecessary. It is the ideal extractor for fume containment from brazing, electroforming, electroplating, laser cutting, marking, wax working, and soldering applications. Removes acid activator, electrocleaner, rhodium, solder, solvent and wax fumes from the air.

Features a 3-stage filtration system that captures both fumes and particulate:

  • Pre/Dust Filter (854-1394, pkg of 5) captures large particles to extend life of the subsequent filters.
  • Advanced Odor Filter (854-1379) is formulated specifically for the capture of fumes. Refills for the media in the odor filter are also available, (854-1396 will provide enough media for 5 refills).
  • True deep-bed HEPA Filter (854-2093) captures small particulates down to submicron levels.

SolderPure comes complete with one capture hood attached to a 3” diameter extraction flex arm, which can be rotated 360° to accommodate any soldering or plating layout. Convenient casters included to maximize mobility. Also included is a 6’ length of 3” diameter suction hose, (2) hose clamps, table bracket and slide valve for manual on/off operation. Optional accessories: Start/Stop Foot Pedal with 6’ cord (854-1488) and Start/Stop Hand Switch also with a 6’ cord (854-1413). Purchase an additional capture hood and arm (854-1377) to set up for two station operation (see Related Items).  Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Made in Canada.

  • 3-stage filtration for capturing fumes and particles before they disperse throughout the room.
  • Whisper quiet operation, maintenance-friendly design with easy-to-change filters.
  • Brushless motor designed for continuous duty and long life.
  • Capture hood on flexible arm for 360° positioning.
  • Table bracket and 6' flex hose for remote location.
  • Casters for mobility.
Quatro SolderPure Fume & Particulate Extractor
Electrical: 100 - 120V, 1A, 60Hz
Airflow: 125 CFM
Filtration: 3-stage system
Noise Level: 50 - 55 dBA
(W x D x H)
13" x 16" x 20"
(33 x 41 x 51cm)
Ship. Weight: 65 lbs. (30kg)
Item Classification Pre/Dust Filter Odor Filter / Media HEPA Filter
Gesswein # Model Quatro # Workload Gesswein # Workload Gesswein # Quatro # Gesswein # Quatro #
854-1385 SolderPure with Capture Arm SPB560-1R-K Heavy Duty 854-1394 F071-BX
(Box & Media)
(5 Refills of Media Only)

854-2093 F074

For a complete list of replacement filters to all of our Quatro units, please view our Quatro Replacement Filter Chart to find the correct filter for your machine.

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