E-Force® Brushless Micromotor Kits with Interchangeable Handpiece

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The E-Force is a game-changing micromotor system. By combining the power of a brushless motor with the flexibility of interchangeable heads, the E-Force can meet practically any precision finishing requirement with ease. The E-Force Interchangeable Kits include controller, standard rotary head, interchangeable motor of your choice (20K or 40K), and handpiece holder. Foot pedal sold separately.

  • Ceramic Bearings:  provide longer life, less repair
  • Triple Guard Protection: keeps chips and dust out, prevents grime build up
  • Brushless Motors:  no carbon brushes to be replaced
  • Slim Controller: space saving 

E-Force Controller

The Controller

The E-Force controller is sleek and simplistic by design. The small foot print leaves more space at the workbench, and it is easy to carry and move around the shop. Dual input ports connect up to 2 motors. Select between motor A and motor B (only 1 motor will operate at a time).

The digital display shows the RPM speed in 1,000 RPM increments, and the Load meter illuminates when the operator is using too much force.


  • Electrical: AC100V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 60 x 230 x 150mm (2.36" x 9" x 5.91")
  • Weight: 1.95kg (4.3 lbs.)

The Interchangeable Handpieces

The interchangeable handpiece has a full metal body design without any plastic parts, making this system durable and long lasting. The motor casing has several air slots and a cooling fan that allows heat to escape which helps prevent overheating. At the base of each brushless motor is a multi-function switch that will turn the motor on or off and adjust the variable speed. Rapid head changes are possible due to the snap-on/snap-off interlock exchange. The 20K motor can use any of the 9 available heads. The 40K motor can be used with any of the heads which have a red color interlock exchange (Standard, Slim, Slim long and Lever Clamp Styles).  Limited 6 month warranty for defective parts only. Comes with both a 1/8” and a 3/32” collet.  A 3mm collet is available separately.  

E-Force Quick Change

Item DMT20 20K Motor DMT40 40K Motor
Model 20K Motor 40K Motor
Item #: 510-8020 510-8040
Max Speed: 20,000 min-1 40,000 min-1
Operational Speed: 1,000~20,000min-1 1,000~40,000min-1
Collet Sizes:: 3.175mm (1/8")
2.35mm (3/32")
3.175mm (1/8")
2.35mm (3/32")
Max Output: 73W 84W
Max Torque: 5.0cNm 4.0cNm
Weight: 142g 96g

The Standard Rotary Head

Slim body supports subtle craftsmanship finish. The triple guard structure utilizes centrifugal force to eliminate chips and delivers superior dust-proof performance. Quick release for rapid tool changes. Recommended for boring, chamfering, deburring, and cutting. Comes with a 1/8” & 3/32" collet. 3mm collets are available separately.  

Standard Rotary Head
Item #: 510-8011
Max Speed: 40,000min-1
Continuous Operating Speed: 40,000min-1
Collet Sizes: 3.175mm (1/8")
2.35mm (3/32")
Weight: 120g
Will Fit: 20K Motor
40K Motor
Item 510-8121
20K Kit
40K Kit
Motor 20K
Motor 40K

Standard Head

Handpiece Holder

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