Castaldo® Super High Strength™ Silicon Rubber Strips - 5lb

$60.95 SDS
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Castaldo Super High Strength™ silicone-based superior quality, medium hardness rubber cuts like butter. It resists tearing and is strong enough to make complex molds and considered stronger than any other silicone molding rubber on the market. Uncured, it has the consistency of soft putty, making it very easy to pack it in undercuts and detailed areas. Produces a firm mold when vulcanized and boasts excellent flexibility with extreme tear and tensile strength while strong enough to make complex multi-part molds. Gives waxes a smooth, shiny finish for easy release from molds and less finishing on castings. Vulcanizes at 330° - 350°F (165 - 176°C). Sold in 5 lb. boxes of approximately 2-7/8" x 18" strips. Made in Thailand.