Horico Diamond Round Burs

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HORICO® diamond burs are world-renowned for their high quality, precision, and dependability. Made with a special bonding process that prevents the breakup of the diamond graining or flaking of the diamond coating. This process adheres the diamond grit very tightly to the shank for many hours of use. Since the diamonds are so hard, the burs can be used on materials that are too hard for steel or carbide burs. They use high diamond density for maximum service life and high grinding efficiency, and the shanks are made from stainless steel and will not rust. Made in Germany.

Bur Size Item # Working Diameter Length Max RPM
023 890-0313 2.35mm 44.5mm (1.752") 120,000
025 890-0314 2.50mm 44.5mm (1.752") 80,000
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