Edenta Supermax Diamond Grinding Wheel - 3/32" Shank

$35.00 SDS
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The sintered diamond in this wheel makes it ideal for grinding ceramics and a wide range of metals; including tungsten carbide. Cool, vibration-free cutting allows for low surface temperature. Highly efficient abrasive properties: self-cleaning, self-sharpening and generating low dust. This wheel allows quick shaping of Carbide and HSS gravers. Measures 22mm (0.866”) in diameter with a 2.5mm (0.098”) thickness. Mounted on a 2.35 mm (3/32”) diameter shank. Use between 15,000 and 20,000rpm. Made in Switzerland.


  • Shape tungsten carbide tools at the bench
  • Self-cleaning, self-sharpening
  • Ideal for ceramics and a wide range of metals

"This is the only wheel I've found that can handle the grinding of carbide Gravers, especially C-Max. With normal HSS gravers (for stone setting) you would shape and grind them on a stand-up grinder to remove the bulk on the top. With the C-Max being as hard and brittle as it is it makes using this method very hard. As a result, these Diamond Supermax Wheels replace the stand-up grinder and bring this to your bench."

- Mark Farrell, Buffalo Craft