Formlabs® Castable Wax CW40 Resin

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Castable Wax 40 (CW40) is the resin Formlabs created with a high (40%) wax content. This makes it their easiest to cast resin. The high concentrate of wax content allows for a much cleaner burnout and is ideal for most jewelry designs. Blue in color, this CW40 resin is ideal for pieces with very small intricate details, for medium pieces like the typical engagement and bridal rings, as well as very thick and heavy scholastic rings – such as championship and class rings. If using CW40 on Form 2, you must use with a Formlabs® LT Resin Tank (262-0163) and on a Form 3 you must use the Formlabs® Resin Tank V2.1 (262-0432). See related products below. CW40 uses the same burnout parameters as standard resins. Made in USA.

  • Handles very small filigree, bridal sets and class rings with ease
  • Requires a special Resin Tank V2.1 (262-0432)
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