UberLight™ Flex 3100TL LED Light

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Uberligth Flex 3100TL LED Light

The UberLight™ Flex 3100TL is the ideal task light for your bench or workspace. The UberLight™ Flex’s 26.5” silicone gooseneck can hold virtually any shape and its 270° rotational head provides complete, precision control of the light source. With nine total light settings and 40% more luminous efficiency, the new UberLight™ Flex delivers up to 240% more lumen power than our previous model (821-5589).

Choose between 3 color and 3 brightness settings:

  • Warm White (2700K)
  • Natural White (4000K)
  • Ultra-Bright (6000K)

Rated for up to 60,000 hours of use, due to the efficiency of the LED bulbs. Includes USB connectivity as well as a power brick adapter to plug into a standard 110v outlet and mounts to any bench or table with included clamp. 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Made in China.

Uberlight™ Flex 3100TL LED Light
Number of LEDs: 48
Colors: Warm White (2700K)
Natural White (4000K)
Ultra-Bright (6000K)
Lumens: Up to 600
Power Consumption: 2W / 4W / 6W
Clamp: C-Clamp, 2.125" (5.4cm) opening
Dimensions: 37.5" x 7.5" x 1.5" (90 x 19 x 3.8cm)
Net Weight: 2.4 lbs. (1.09kg)
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs. (1.35kg)
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